Cheetos contest asks customers to submit pictures of oddly-shaped snacks

Posted at 1:34 AM, Jun 24, 2016
If you were looking for any more reason to chow down on a big bag of Cheetos, how does thousands of dollars sound?
That’s what Frito-Lay is offering customers who find the most unique-shaped snacks in their Cheetos bags. And people are actually making submissions.
Over 15,000 people, at that.
According to USA Today, examples of noteworthy submissions included an Abraham Lincoln-looking snack and a Loch Ness Monster.
This summer, the online Cheetos Museum is reportedly taking online submissions from people who believe they have spotted a unique Cheetos shape, offering a total of $150,000 in prize money to the top ten winners.

“Cheetos are like clouds – each has a unique shape that comes to life with your imagination. Since their inception, Cheetos snacks have captivated consumers with their whimsical shapes and uncanny resemblances to landmarks, animals, objects and even deities,” said Jeannie Cho, vice president of marketing, Frito-Lay.
Customers can upload their photos, along with a story about their one-of-a-kind shape, here through August 15. The contest started on May 31.