Arizona puppy attacked by bees, stung 400 times

Posted at 10:48 PM, Aug 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-23 22:48:36-04

Vacant houses tend to be issues for the areas that surround them. For the Denoyer family, living next to one almost turned deadly for their youngest dog.

For months, the house next door to the Phoenix, Ariz., family was infested with several uninvited squatters: bees.

"Any kind of buzz I hear now, I kinda just...I don't want to be around anything that's buzzing," Jeremy Denoyer said. 

The beehive next door became more than just a nuisance when the Denoyer's 18-week-old pitbull, named Tramp, and their other dog named Lady were let outside Saturday.

"My smallest dog tramp was yelping, and I figured he just wanted to come inside," Jeremy Denoyer said, "I opened up the curtains and he was just swarmed by hundreds of bees. "

Phoenix firefighters arrived at the home shortly after and sprayed both homes with foam to control the swarm. When the battle was over, Jeremy Denoyer was stung more than 20 times, Lady suffered 50 stings, but the worst was for the youngest pup. Tramp was stung more than 400 times.

"With as many stings as he had, he had more than enough to kill 50 percent of dogs his size," said Dr. Cynthia Jones, a veterinarian at Alta Vista Animal Hospital who examined Tramp.

"Usually in the first day, they are gone. So, Tramp is pretty much a one in a million case," said Kimberly Denoyer, Jeremy's wife.

The Denoyer family has contacted the city and expressed their concern over the infestation for months that's only no being fixed. It's a concern they feel should have been addressed sooner.

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