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Veteran owned physical therapy center reaching patients virtually

Posted at 3:30 PM, Apr 29, 2020

People who are hurting and aching still need to keep improving even though they may not be able to see their physical therapists.

We are proud to again partner with RBC Wealth Management as Maryland’s Voice for Veterans. WMAR-2 News’ Eddie Kadhim sat in on a virtual session run by CAM Physical Therapy and Wellness Services.

Ray McFarland is having knee problems. The local business owner and father needs to be able to keep moving for his work and life.

“Telehealth and this process is great, I’ll be doing this on a regular basis,” McFarland said. “It’s such a great benefit because now all of the excuses that typically have not going to the doctor is out the window with this.”

Dr. Carlos Martinez is the founder of Cam Physical Therapy.

He says he’s getting about 30 percent of the business he was before coronavirus and he and other physical therapists had to get creative to keep his business alive.

“We feel very strongly that they are able, when they are doing the telemedicine service from home, that we can give them the same service they would be doing in the clinic,” said Martinez. “I’m verbally guiding them giving them a lot of verbal cues. “I’m able to actually give them the home excerpted and send it to them right to the phone or the computer.”

He’s a proud veteran of the United States Air Force where he worked as a physical therapist.

“My practice also services a nursing home called Charlotte Hall Nursing home. It’s actually in Charlotte Hall Maryland and that's all veterans that we work with over there.”

It’s even easier this way for a lot of patients. A kit with everything they will need is sent to their house. They just have to click on a link

And most insurances aren’t charging the $30-$40 per session anymore.

“There’s a full set of stretch bands, I have a ball, they also provided me with a kit that had the electric stimulator in it as well as an ice bag so the majority of things I’d be able to do there I’m able to do at home,” said McFarland.

Keeping the body healthy despite the threat at all of our front doorsteps.

“There’s a lot of patients that were coming into the clinic that were doing really well,” Martinez said. “All of a sudden when this pandemic hit they just stopped coming. When you are hear that all the gains that you made it’s really easy to lose them.”

This was the first of 4 RBC Wealth Management Voice for Veterans stories this month.

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