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VA keeping vets healthy through pandemic

Posted at 10:09 PM, May 21, 2020
and last updated 2021-03-17 22:28:16-04

BALTIMORE — The VA is keeping our veterans moving despite the quarantine.

“The cardio fitness that we’ve gotten through the kickboxing is just amazing and it’s so much fun. We all have a great time,” said Ann Adair a United States Army Veteran.

Instructor Kendall Condor teaches them kickboxing, and wasn’t going to knock out the VA’s workout regiment for these fit and fighting vets.

“It’s the greatest, I tell them every week it just makes my heart happy,” said Condor. “I’ve been working with these guys and gals for five years. I got married last year and I came back and did classes in my wedding dress just so I could feel like they were there with me at my wedding.”

They consider themselves a platoon of sorts.

“These veterans are able to communicate with each other,” Instructor Megan Kelly said. “They are working out with other older veterans. They have similar stories. That social aspect is super super important.”

For United States Army Vereran Bill Staub, it helps with the tough memories.

“It helps heal your wounds from Vietnam. We do a lot of talking too,” Staub said. “When we do the workout with Kendall she’s amazing.”

They're fighting the isolation of coronavirus together.

“You find yourself wondering sometimes what day of the week it is and it may wane to maybe thoughts of 50 years ago in Vietnam which is unfortunately still with me and that helps,” United States Army Veteran George Coppinger said.

They're hopeful every drop of sweat gives them a better chance at surviving this pandemic.

“I advise everybody exercise,” United States Army Veteran Bernard Young said. “You’ll save yourself if something happens.”

Making sure those who sacrificed for all of us have healthy bodies and full hearts.