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Report claims TSA aware of security problems but not adjusting

Posted at 10:24 PM, Apr 04, 2019

BALTIMORE, Md. — It’s a process we all go through, the TSA checkpoint before our flights.

“There are sometimes where you get through and you’ve got bottle of water and things you shouldn’t be carrying on,” said Amanda Wonder who had just got off a flight at BWI. “I travel a lot overseas and so I’m always trying to take a full bottle of lotion over, and they don’t stop you. I’m always thinking to myself if I’m getting this through what else is coming through.”

Well the TSA is sending through their own people trying to get banned substances on planes.

On Thursday Rep. Elijah Cummings, the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, declassified a report from a group called the Government Accountability Office or the GAO.

Cummings calling it a red blinking warning light.

“The question is how many do they actually detect? We were not satisfied with the number of detections,” said Cummings. “I’m talking things that might be harmful to the flying public.”

The report found nine security vulnerabilities that hadn’t been resolve. And that it can take up to seven months to assign an officer to fix some problems.

Cummings calling on the TSA Administrator to come before Congress and explain how the issues will be fixed.

“Hopefully by this report coming out now and us pushing on it will get some movement to make sure that we tighten up. We just have to do a better job with TSA. When you’re talking about the flying public one incident can bring a whole plane down and we don’t want that.”

The classified report was given to congress in December and the group that released the report has sent a list of 9 recommendations for the TSA to consider.

To view the full report, click here.