Vacationers in Ocean City relieved area will dodge Hurricane Florence

Posted at 6:32 PM, Sep 14, 2018

Many Ocean City vacationers were nervous all week long worrying about what Hurricane Florence was going to do with their weekend plans. Many feel they dodged a bullet.

"I was a little nervous Sunday but, I'm okay now," said Anthony Schafer.

Schafer and his wife Diane came to the beach to celebrate her retirement. They have been planning this for a year.

"It was a little nerve-racking needless to say but, we’re not afraid of a challenge," said Diane Schafer.

Swimming in the ocean is a challenge many people are not up for. The beach is open but beach patrol guards are encouraging swimmers not to go in at all or to stay close to shore.

Public works have pulled most of the boxes and guard stands off the beach just in case winds pick up again over the weekend. The size of Florence offshore had some people up in the air about their beach plans.

"At first we canceled the reservation and then we changed our minds since the storm changed its path," said Nora Dombrovsky.

"We re-made our reservations actually yesterday morning," said Eric Dombrowsky.

Those that decided to throw caution to the wind, literally, are happy they made the choice to come to the beach. 

"It’s warm but windy too which we like. So, that’s all we need," said a vacationer.

So, vacationers will continue on with their plans as Ocean City officials will continue to keep an eye on the weather after this weekend because Sun Fest will be here next weekend.