State leaders reject 'Unite the Right' rally in Washington

Hogan offers resources to DC
Posted at 5:34 PM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-11 14:08:49-04

The images are from last year, but they don’t date the hate apparent in the video from Charlottesville, Virginia.

This year some of the same members of the ‘Unite the Right’ movement are gathering again, but this time a little closer to home and directly in the seat of power for entire nation.

While the Washington D.C. is preparing for whatever could happen, the Maryland Governor fired off a statement this morning saying in part, “Hate has no place in our society and these white supremacists and the racism and bigotry they spew are not welcome in our state.”

Governor Hogan goes on to say, “As we face this invasion of vile and perverted ideology infesting our region, we stand united in our conviction that a diverse and inclusive Maryland is a stronger Maryland.”

Hogan also directed Maryland State Police and other resources to coordinate with D.C.

The democratic candidate for governor is also denouncing tomorrow's rally.

"I am worried about tomorrow. I am also increasingly worried about what happens every day," Ben Jealous said.

Jealous says he feels a sea of change in racial tensions since the rise of Donald Trump and wants to send a clear message to those gathering in Maryland and D.C this weekend…and beyond.

"That leadership has to come from the top of our state.  This is not just about one weekend, this is about every day in our state and making sure we are on the cutting edge of inclusion. We are standing up to Donald Trump and Trumpism and we are making it clear that those who are inspired by the president to act on their hate that it will not be tolerated in our state," Jealous said.

That Unite the Right rally is scheduled for Saturday evening in Washington.

Even Baltimore City Police say they are offering whatever help the district may need and have been in contact with MTA and Amtrak as protestors and counter protesters travel to gather.