SC college probing 'racially insensitive' Halloween costumes

Posted at 9:41 AM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2018-12-31 20:31:40-05

A South Carolina college has launched an investigation after the appearance of social media posts purportedly depicting students wearing what the school's president calls "racially insensitive" Halloween costumes.

College of Charleston President Glenn McConnell says in a statement that the behavior doesn't reflect the school overall. He says the school's Division of Student Affairs and Department of Public Safety are probing whether students violated the code of conduct or other college policies.

The school's Black Student Union says some posts include a student wearing an orange jumpsuit with the name "Freddie Gray" on the back. Gray's death in Baltimore police custody raised questions about police brutality against black suspects, but none of the officers involved were convicted.

Another post showed a racial slur written on someone's bare skin.