Provisional ballots canvassed Thursday in Baltimore County

Posted at 5:22 PM, Jul 03, 2018

Baltimore County Board of Canvassers will began their canvass of provisional ballots cast in the 2018 Primary Election at 10 a.m. Thursday, the Board of Elections said.

They will begin with Republican primary ballots. Remaining provisional ballots are expected to be tallied at a public meeting later this week or the week of July 9.

Currently the race for the Democratic candidacy for Baltimore County Executive is undetermined, as John Olszewsk and Jim Brochin are separated by fewer than 100 votes, with Vicki Almond not much further behind. The Republican ticket in that race went to Al Redmer, who defeated Pat McDonogh. 

Candidates can challenge the decision to count or reject provisional ballots, according to Maryland election law. Due to a request from a Democratic candidate in the County Executive race, the Baltimore County Board of Elections will allow access to information the office uses to review each ballot application, that way campaigns can review and determine if any applications warrant a challenge. 

The review process begins after the counting of Republican provisional ballots on July 5. Two representatives from each Democratic campaign can attend the ballot review. 

As a result of the number of provisional ballots still in play in this election, and the closeness of the Democratic race, election results may to take longer than expected to be released but will be accurate and fair to all candidates, the Board of Elections said.