Most wanted suspect found dead outside Frederick

Posted at 6:23 PM, Oct 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-24 18:23:53-04

In May of this year, Frederick police billed 19-year old Gennady Errigo as one of its most wanted criminals, but a close friend, Zaria Gibbs, says it was the teen who felt unwanted after his adoptive parents moved out of state leaving him behind.

"They wanted to have nothing to do with him,” said Gibbs, “He was homeless for a while cause he lived with a man up the street and the kids that we used to know and hang out with, they had robbed him---the people that they were living with so the man kicked him out and he had nowhere to go."
Gibbs says Errigo vanished from the discovery community a few days ago, but the teen would ultimately turn up just a short distance away across Israel Creek.

"We got a call after two hunters were walking along a wood line of a farm in Frederick County in the 9300 block of Liberty Road when they found a deceased male," said Ron Snyder of the Maryland State Police, "The victim was taken to the Officer of the Chief Medical Examiner where they're going to determine the cause and manner of death."
While investigators have not released details of Errigo's death, rumors are spreading like wildfire throughout the community.
One account suggests he was severely beaten.
Another claims his body was found upright with the arms folded across his chest.
But Gibbs suspects it was something far less mysterious.
She claims the last time he had contacted her, he wanted to know if she knew where he could purchase a substantial amount of drugs.

"I've heard that he was shot in his head and I heard that his body was not actually just found there, he died somewhere else and they had his body like transferred over there," said Gibbs.
"Just dumped there?"
"Yes, it's horrible."
Whatever the case, a teen once wanted by police for allegedly stealing a car and burglary is now deceased, and officers are left wanting in solving the mystery surrounding his death.