Missing horse Play Doh found OK after almost two weeks

Posted at 12:18 PM, Jun 09, 2016

After almost two weeks, a group of hikers has found Play Doh, the horse that went missing in Patapsco State Park Memorial Day Weekend.

“He’s actually in pretty good shape, compared to what he could be,” Susan Crawford, Play Doh’s owner, said.

A group of three hikers found Play Doh about half a mile from Woodstock in Howard County. They refused to take the reward that was being offered for the horse’s safe return.

Play Doh has a cut about five inches long and an inch and half deep between his front legs and is a little beat up, Crawford said, but otherwise appears to be OK.

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“When I saw him, and he just looked so pathetic, I just felt so horrible for him,” Crawford said. “He looked so rugged and he had this cut. It was such a relief to find him. It was almost hard to believe, because no one had seen him 12 days.”

Play Doh first went missing May 27, the Friday before Memorial Day, when Crawford was riding him on a trail. Crawford said the trail gave out, causing them to slide. Play Doh got spooked and ran off.

When the hikers found Play Doh, he was caught on his saddle. However, Crawford said he must not have been stuck for long, because he was not dehydrated.

“He had plenty of water, plenty of grass, so he was OK out there. He had plenty to eat and drink,” Crawford said.

David Sugar, one of the hikers who found Play Doh, said in a Facebook post that the horse was “pretty skittish” when they first approached.

“But with some time he allowed us to approach and help him out,” Sugar said.

Crawford said that when she first heard that hikers said they found Play Doh, she didn’t want to get her hopes up, in case it wasn’t actually her horse.

But now, Crawford is happy and relieved to be reunited with Play Doh, who will get to return home after some time with a veterinarian.

“He’s going to be OK,” Crawford said. “He’s got some rubs and scrapes, but nothing major. I’m sure with a few weeks of rest and some antibiotics he’ll be back to normal.”

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