Lawmakers want transparent transportation plan

Posted: 6:25 PM, Feb 16, 2016
Updated: 2016-02-16 18:25:24-05
Lawmakers want transparent transportation plan
Lawmakers want transparent transportation plan

Maryland lawmakers say they want more transparency in how the state plans transportation projects.

Leaders of the Democratic-led legislature discussed several measures on Tuesday they hope will do that.

One bill would create a new process to rank the priority of projects based on their benefits.

Another would create a board to give residents more of a chance to make their views known to state transit officials.

The legislation comes after Republican Gov. Larry Hogan canceled plans last year to build a light rail called the Red Line in Baltimore. Hogan said the plan was unworkable and hugely expensive, but the decision angered Democrats. The governor also revised plans for a light rail line called the Purple Line in Montgomery and Prince George's counties, shifting more cost to local governments.