MD Delegate: House Bill 760 could make MD schools safer

Bill would allow certain employees to carry guns
Posted at 11:12 PM, Feb 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-15 06:37:08-05

There have been over 1,600 mass shootings since the Sandy Hook shooting.  Here in Maryland, Delegate Rick Impallaria introduced legislation that would allow certain school employees to carry guns in schools; all in an effort to reduce the chances of a mass shooting situation. 

There were mixed reviews about the bill.  Some say if implemented properly it could indeed save lives. Others say it's just too dangerous.

"I don't think staff in high schools, elementary schools should be armed just too many opportunities for something to go wrong, parent Shiby Chacko, told ABC2. 

But Impallaria says his new bill, which would arm select school staff, could protect Maryland students. 

"The thought is that when law enforcement is needed and their minutes away sometimes, it takes second to save lives," he said Wednesday.

Sill, people question whether school employees should carry weapons. 

"I work in a school myself, I'm an athletic director and do I feel like I would want that responsibility? No. Probably not," said Tyler Larkin.

Impallaria says his bill could prevent tragedies.

"It makes our schools safer if there are people at the school that can protect against what just happened in Florida."

House Bill 760 was just introduced and clearly states the employees must be properly permitted and qualified to use a handgun.

"Teachers are people that we should be trusting but you don't know individuals, their backgrounds, or anything and I would never want to see teachers armed with weapons," said parent Kiona Bailey.

Impallaria sites recent school violence as to why he's passionate about protecting schools and while some agree with him, they have questions.

"If the right people had it but once again, it's like, who are those people and how do we decide who those people are?" Sheri Marvle told ABC2.

The bill, if approved, could also help protect rural schools where response times are much longer. 

There's a judiciary committee meeting in the house next month to discuss it.