Maryland voter registration error fixed, MVA officials say

Posted at 10:48 AM, Jul 13, 2018

State officials in Maryland say the voter registration issue that affected prospective electoral participants in June's primaries has been resolved.

Maryland residents who changed their voter registration information, or who had registered for the first time, through the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration between April 22, 2017 and June 5, 2018 were warned a computer glitch may have not sent their information to the State Board of Elections, potentially causing them issues when they headed to the polls.

What was originally projected to only affect a few thousand ballooned to a potential pool of 80,000 or more voters. 

The issue resulted in many voters using provisional ballots when they voted on June 26. 

Officials have now said the issue has been fixed. MVA Administrator Christine Nizer apologized for the initial error and outlined steps the agency was taking to keep it form happening again.