Marijuana grower fined after using banned pesticides on cannabis crops

Posted at 2:45 PM, Dec 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-19 14:45:26-05

LINTHICUM, Md. — ForwardGro, LLC, a Maryland medical marijuana grower, is now facing some hefty fines after officials say they used banned pesticides on their crops.

In July 2018, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission received a complaint that ForwardGro, LLC used unauthorized crop protection, aka banned pesticides. Through an investigation the commission concluded the growers were using pesticides that were not approved for cannabis use such as: Actinovate, Azamax, Avid, Axiom, Azatin O, Def-Guard, Green Clean, Mildew Cure, Mitacide, Terra Grow, Triathlon BA, Neem Oil, Sanidate, Suffoil-X and Zerotol 2.0.

A further investigation also showed that ForwardGro, LLC did not have proper security or video surveillance recording systems that are required by the commission.

As a result of these violations, ForwardGro, LLC must now pay a $125,000 fine, serve a 2-year probation period, make critical changes in its leadership structure, and offer refunds on any flower or pre-roll products they produced before May 31, 2018.

Since the investigation, the following pesticides have been approved by the commission: Actinovate, Axiom, Azatin O, Neem oil, Triathlon BA, Zerotol 2.0.

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission says the possible effects of consuming cannabis products containing unapproved pesticide residues is still unknown at this time. Short and long-term health impacts from inhalation exposure to the pesticides may exist depending on the duration, frequency, level of exposure, route of exposure, and health condition of the consumer.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about the pesticides you should contact your physician or registered provider.