Gov. Larry Hogan gives legislative session update and discusses concerns

Posted at 1:19 PM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 16:41:24-04

Hogan delivered remarks about the current session bills passed and concerns about several bill proposals Wednesday afternoon.

"We began this year by introducing a robust legislative agenda including 34 important common-sense bipartisan initiatives to change Maryland for the better,"  Hogan said.

While the session shows progress, Hogan is concerned that some bill proposals will hurt more than help Maryland businesses. 

"Keeping Marylanders safe is among our most important responsibilities. However, legislative leaders are proposing the elimination of 50 state troopers and want to slash the budget of the Maryland State Police by $2 million," he said. "They are proposing eliminating an entire trooper class and it's simply wrong, to cut the State Police in a time where the state is experiencing such violence and a heroin epidemic is simply unconscionable."

However, At least three bills have passed since the session began, including the Protecting the victims of Sex-Trafficking Act, Clean Water Commerce Act, and the Protect our Schools Act.

In regards to the 'Paid-Sick Leave' bill Hogan said, "Sadly that bill hasn't even moved out of committee, However earlier this morning the senate passed a terrible paid-sick leave bill on second would be disastrous to our economy which would hurt hundreds of small bossiness." 

There are 26 days left in the 2017 legislative session and the governor is hoping more compromises are made and more common-sense bill proposals pass.  

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