Initiative would ensure casino revenue would go towards education

(WMAR) - Casino's say that some of their revenue goes towards education, but a new initiative would ensure that it does. 

In November you will get to vote on whether to create a lockbox for education funding. This initiative essentially tightens up a law passed back in 2008 when voters approved slot machine gambling in exchange for a pledge by lawmakers that revenue from casinos would go toward education.

Over the years, the money put into the education trust fund wasn't always going toward schools because there was no requirement saying it had to go to just education. So Governor Larry Hogan proposed a $4.4 billion initiative called the Commitment To Education Act, which would increase education spending by phasing in more casino revnue to the education trust fund over the next four years.

The reason why this must go before voters is because it amends the state consitution, so be looking for it on the ballot in November.

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