"I'm gonna die": Woman's terrifying 911 call released after bear attack in Frederick

Posted at 6:54 PM, Nov 17, 2016

The terrifying 911 call a woman made after being attacked by a bear in Frederick was released Thursday.

Karen Osborne, 63, walked over to her daughter's home on Irongate Lane Wednesday night after hearing her dogs barking. She walked up the driveway and was attacked by a bear believed to be protecting her two cubs.

Osborne's husband, Ronald, said she told him she punched the bear a couple times before playing dead. At that time, Osborne called 911.

"A bear just attacked me," Osborne calmly explained to the dispatcher moments after the attack. She becomes then frightened pleading for help: "Please come now...please help me...send someone now."

"I'm being attacked by this bear, he's coming back...hurry...I'm gonna die," Osborne cried.

Osborne was rushed to the hospital and is listed in good condition. Her husband said his wife required more than 70 stitches, has wounds on her head and torso, and a broken left arm. 

The 200-pound female bear was euthanized Thursday morning, according to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.