Heavy rains, extreme weather impacting businesses on the Bay

Posted at 10:43 PM, Jul 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-25 23:00:38-04

With this much rain, the Conowingo Dam at the top of the bay has to relieve pressure from all that extra water. When they open up some gates in the dam that water  brings sediment and debris along with it. 

"I was talking to a buddy of mine over that way and he said they opened up about 14 gates and that was on Monday so I guess anywhere from about Thursday to Friday to the weekend we ought to be getting it down here," said Lenell Jones,  a 16 year veteran working on the water.

Satellite images show that  from previous rains it turns the bay into a chocolate milk mix and that effects everything in the bay. 

With all this rainfall we've all seen this heavy flowing water and when that water starts running, it takes everything with it.

Rick Boulay owns Chesapeake Whalertowne. Two boats of his have been damaged by debris floating in the water already. 

"If you see a stick in the water, there could be a tree underneath it."

With 36 years of experience Boulay knows navigating our waterways can be dangerous, especially in this weather.

"Obviously boats don't have breaks, they can't yield. It's tough to maneuver around that debris and if you have people on board the bow of the boat or the front, they could be seriously hurt. Anyone on a center console or even a cabin boat could be thrown right into the dash. The safeguard on automobiles, the air bags and everything just do not exist in our industry," said Boulay.

As for Jones, he's hopping this rain will let up soon.

"Might put me out of business, make me stay home," said Jones.