Hearing on Valerie Ervin's lawsuit to have ballots reprinted

ANNAPOLIS, Md. - There will be a hearing on Monday in the lawsuit fighting to reprint the ballots for the governor's race. 

Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Valerie Ervin, has filed the lawsuit against the State Board of Elections after the board said they do not plan to reprint ballots for the primary election.

On the tickets the board plans to use, Kevin Kamenetz's name is still on it even though he died in May. His running mate, Ervin, is now running in his place, but her name is not on the new ballot. 

The Board of Elections says a vote for Kamenetz and Ervin will count for Ervin and her running mate, Marisol Johnson, but she has said that's not good enough.

Also, several of her competitors in the primary election have stated publicly that her name should be on the ballot as well.

There's a hearing about the case 1:30 p.m. in the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court.

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