Four high school students charged with rape after alleged hazing incident

Posted at 10:20 AM, Nov 28, 2018

Four Maryland high school students are being charged as adults after an alleged hazing incident happened in the school's locker room.

The alleged attackers and accusers are all members of the Damascus High School JV football team. The principal of the school described the incident as "an assault involving a broom."

One of the four victims asked an attacker to stop, but was told it was "tradition."

"These boys were victims of criminal acts. They were not victims of hazing," said the Montgomery County State's Attorney John McCarthy. "I understand the community outrage, but the community has really only heard one side of this so far."

The students are identified as JC Abedi, Kristian Lee, Will Smith, and Caleb Thorpe, and all of them have been charged with first-degree rape.

The students are out on bond and been told to stay away from the alleged victims as well as the high school.