Crystal Lagoons USA eyes Maryland as next destination hot spot

Posted at 11:56 AM, Feb 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-23 11:35:19-05

When you think of a resort, with an acres long beach style pool you probably envision somewhere tropical, like Mexico, or the Caribbean, but right here in Maryland the vacation may be coming to you!

Crystal Lagoons USA Corp is working with developers to bring a 7-acre pool to the Northeast, currently the closest Crystal Lagoon is in Michigan.

CEO Uri Man said the lagoon they're planning for Maryland is similar to one of their pools down south, "you can see behind me I'm standing at one of the 10-acre Crystal Lagoons that was built here in Mexico, this is approximately 30-times larger than an Olympic-sized swimming pool."

"One of the positive things about our amenity which many people don't realize is it's environmentally sustainable . A Crystal Lagoon will catch rain from the sky, acting as a catch basin, so it needs very little water on an annual basis. If you compare, for example, a Crystal Lagoon to a golf course, a Crystal Lagoon will use 30-times less water on an annual basis than a typical 18-hole golf course, and will use a quarter of the amount of water of a normal park of the same size," Man said.

Man said they do not have an exact location yet on where the project will go but will announce that in a few months.

"The Crystal Lagoon will have several components, a residential component, retail, restaurants right on the water, and of course there will be a hotel. People will be able to come use the public beach for a very modest fee," Man said the goal is families from Washington D.C. and Baltimore will be able to get on a bus and visit.

Man said there will be several beaches on the lagoon, the public one will be named after Governor Larry Hogan, as Hogan Beach, and one other will be called Janie Beach, modeled after a beach in Thailand called Maya Beach where they filmed the movie The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Man said these lagoons are low cost to build and maintain, and will offer a variety of activities, including paddle boarding, kayaking, and sailing.