Cocaine drug ring busted, 14 people charged

Posted at 12:37 PM, Jul 26, 2018

14 people were charged and thousands of dollars worth of drugs were seized during a major drug bust around several areas of Maryland. 

The investigation began in the Spring of 2018 and was lead by the Queen Anne's County Drug Task Force and was assisted by members of multiple other units including Maryland State Police, Homeland Security Investigations, and multiple local drug task forces. 

During the investigation, it was learned that William Louis Ryan III was running a drug distribution ring that operated mainly in Centreville. Ryan and his co-conspirators are suspected of importing and distributing around three pounds of cocaine, and thousands of prescription pills and other narcotics in Queen Anne's County from April 20 to June 1. 

Multiple search and seizure warrants were executed in Queen Anne's County, Caroline County, and Lewes, Delaware which yielded the following results:

  • Ten residential Search warrants 
  • Nine people indicted for the conspiracy 
  • Eight on view arrests 
  • $31,870 in U.S. cash
  • Seven vehicles seized valued at $106,600
  • Five firearms 
  • 17.0 grams of marijuana 
  • 275.3 grams of powdered cocaine 
  • 2.0 grams of crack cocaine
  • 4.2 grams of heroin
  • 36 Oxycodone, Schedule II pills 
  • 40 Schedule III prescription pills 

The primary suspects who were indicted with distribution and conspiracy charges were:

  1. William Louis Ryans III, African American male, DOB: 7/30/86 aka “Little Man” 
  2. Joey Prerinze Ryans, African American male, DOB: 01/14/83 
  3. Dallas Raquel Hook, White female, DOB: 09/25/92 
  4. Christopher Scott Smith, White male, DOB: 7/20/80
  5. Aaron Julian Burns, African American male, DOB: 6/18/91 
  6. Jermaine Garnell Taylor, African American male, DOB: 12/18/79 aka “Jukebox” 
  7. Donnie Lee Flamer, African American male, DOB: 12/18/79 aka “Spoon” 
  8. Clydale Lamont Henry, African American male, DOB: 02/27/81 
  9. Charles Melvin Hawkins, African American male, DOB:03/01/91 aka “Bootsie” 

The following people were charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance:

  1. John Edwin Holden Jr, White male, DOB: 08/13/64 
  2. Leslie Lynn Leonard, White female, DOB: 11/05/87 
  3. Kyra Renee Woodus, African American female, DOB: 03/09/88 
  4. John Henry Carter, African American male, DOB: 08/23/83 
  5. Jeremy Kaine Ringold White male, DOB: 12/10/96 
  6. Charles Melvin Hawkins, African American male, DOB:03/01/91 aka “Bootsie” 
  7. Joey Prerinze Ryans, African American male, DOB 01/14/83 

Police say the investigation is still ongoing.