Ben Jealous takes aim at Hogan & history

Sparks fly in launch of general election campaign
Posted at 5:48 PM, Jun 27, 2018

Former NAACP President Ben Jealous kicked off the general election by attempting to kick Republican Governor Larry Hogan square in the teeth.

"This issue of taxes, Larry Hogan?  I've got a real message for Larry Hogan,” said Jealous, “First of all, brother, you didn't keep your promise.  You tell the people of this state you would cut taxes all over the place.  You didn't do it." 

And while many suggest Hogan has been effective in distancing himself from President Donald Trump, Jealous is drawing comparisons.

"I am glad that this governor finally brought our troops back from the border where they were helping to separate families, but you know what?  He's been inviting ICE into separate families here," said Jealous.

At the heart of Jealous's progressive campaign is a platform for change, highlighted by a call to legalize marijuana and to provide free college tuition, but other aspects carry a more widespread appeal.

"They voted in favor of fully funding our schools, of fixing our broken healthcare system by enacting Medicare for all and for ending mass incarceration," said Jealous’s running mate, Susie Turnbull.

Tuesday's primary win also served as a time of reflection for a man eying history as he tries to become the first black governor in Maryland's history.

"My mom grew up in segregation in Maryland.  My mom was picketed at her high school.  My mom had to leave the state to marry my dad to raise me,” said Jealous, “I can't tell you when your family has survived segregation in the state that you're about to become the governor of just how much hope it gives you and how healing it feels."

Jealous now can look forward to the full backing of Maryland's Democratic Party after securing the primary by almost 80,000 votes, winning in 22 of the state's 24 counties.