911 calls from Kent Island tornado released

Posted at 8:10 AM, Jul 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-27 10:46:29-04

Emergency Services officials in Queen Anne's County have released the calls for help and reports of damage that came in moments after an EF2 tornado hit Kent Island this week.

"I think my house was hit by a tornado."

That's what many callers told Queen Anne's County 911 dispatchers early Monday morning.

"My house just got hit by a tornado. The whole back of my house is gone." 

The National Weather Service confirmed the tornado had winds up to 125 miles per hour. Fourteen homes and a business were destroyed. The Queen Anne's County Public Safety Department released the hundreds of 911 calls people made to report damage to their homes.

"She says her house was lifted and moved and then the strong smell of propane," can be heard in one of the calls.

Others called 911 after trees fell on their homes, or water levels started rising. "Water is coming in, flooding my deck, and I think something hit the roof. There was a big crash, and I have no power," one caller said.

Around 8,000 people in Queen Anne's County lost power Monday.

More help is on the way for those affected by the tornado. A disaster assistance center is opening at Matapeake Elementary School in Stevensville. There, people can get information on relief programs, representatives from multiple state and county agencies will be on hand to offer assistance, and insurance companies will have agents on hand to help people with claims.

The disaster assistance center will be open until August 3. Here's a list of times when it will be open:

  • Thursday July 27th   9am-7pm
  • Friday   July 28th   9am-7pm
  • Saturday   July 29th   10am-4pm
  • Sunday   July 30th   12pm-5pm
  • Monday   July 31st   9am-7pm
  • Tuesday   August 1st   9am-7pm
  • Wednesday   August 2nd   9am-7pm
  • Thursday   August 3rd   9am-7pm

For more information go to the Queen Anne's County websiteor call 410-758-4500.

Hear audio from the calls in the video above.