25 heat-related deaths in MD so far this year

Half of the deaths happened in Baltimore City
Posted at 7:17 AM, Aug 30, 2018

Summer’s not over yet and the latest heat report from the Maryland Department of Health shows there have been more heat-related deaths already this summer than in any of the last five years.

So far this year 25 people have died from heat-related issues, 12 of those deaths happened in Baltimore City.

The last time we saw numbers this high for heat-related deaths was in 2016 and 2013. The state had 17 heat-related deaths in both of those years, compared to only five deaths last year.

Two of the 25 people who died from the hot weather this year are believed to have been homeless, but the Maryland Department of Health Deputy Secretary warns that anyone can become a victim of a heat-related illness, especially people working or exercising on hot days like this.

People who are most at risk though are children under the age of five, over the age of 65, people with chronic illness and disabilities, and people taking certain medications.

The Health Department recommends limiting your time outdoors during the hottest part of the day, drink plenty of water, and if your home isn't air-conditioned, take a trip to the mall or anyplace cool.


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