2014 Baltimore inmate attack trial ends with $25-million awarded against the State of Maryland

Posted at 7:28 PM, Sep 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-24 19:28:20-04

BALTIMORE — A jury awarded millions against the state Tuesday in a case of a brutal attack on an inmate.

According to Maryland Court officials, a Baltimore jury decided to return $25-million resulting in a 2014 inmate attack at the Baltimore City Detention Center.

Officials said in 2014, Daquan Wallace was a pre-trial detainee at the city's detention center. One day, his mother called multiple time to get Wallace help, after learning he was being repeatedly attacked for refusing to join a gang.

Wallace's mother told jail officials that her son would be killed if it came out that she had spoken out for him or if Wallace was transferred. According to court documents, a Lieutenant initiated a transfer on false pretenses and put Wallace in worse part of the jail.

Moments after arriving to the new location, brutally attacked. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, lost the ability to walk, use his right arm and speak.

Investigators learned that Wallace was attacked by inmates who were suppose to stay in their cells instead of going to dinner. Officials said there was only one guard, with cell door keys on the tier of the attack.

Court documents said the doors were suppose to be locked at all times.

The jury believes that Wallace's cell door was intentionally opened for the attackers.