Severe flooding in Ellicott City, reminiscent to 2016

Posted at 6:01 PM, May 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-28 08:43:27-04

Main Street Ellicott City is experiencing flooding reminiscent to July 2016. 

Shelters have been made available for those effected and in need.

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has vowed to provide resources by issuing a State of Emergency.

There have now been reports of some buildings collapsing. In some areas, water has exceeded the first floor.

Howard County Fire and EMS say they're on scene making water rescues. This includes multiple people who were evacuated after being stranded inside Main Street establishment, Tea on the Tiber.

Officials ask anyone trapped on Main Street, to seek higher ground and wait for rescuers to get you.

Authorities say hundreds of rescuers converging on the area need access and therefore are requesting people to stay out of the area.

Standing water has been reported on many roads, including Routes 29 and 100, making roadways unsafe for drivers and pedestrians.

For those trapped in a building on Main Street, officials recommend climbing to the second floor of the building and shelter in place until rescuers come for you.

Officials are asking those in a safe place to refrain from calling 911 at this time.