Richard Madaleno's issues

Posted at 2:52 PM, Jun 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-07 14:52:03-04

Health Care

  • Affordable healthcare
  • Affordable prescription drugs
  • Build a more comprehensive treatment such as rehabilitation and recovery support system
  • How to identify substances uses disorders: and how to get patients help
  • Ensure access to both mental health and substance use disorder services
  • Take steps to make sure that private and public insurance coverage follows the law
  • Help people who are incarcerated have access to substance use disorder treatment and mental treatment
  • Fight the stigma that keeps people from treatment and successful long-term recovery

Education Thrive by 25

  • Tuition-free community college
  • Invest in the states four Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs)
  • Invest in high-quality technology
  • Pay teachers accordingly
  • Ensure college affordability
  • Free college for families with an income below $150,000


  • Improve water quality
  • Improve the health of the oyster and crab population
  • Increasing use of renewable energy portfolio standard, so that 50% of the state’s energy in Maryland will come from a renewable source by 2030
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and tackling climate change
  • Increasing recycling
  • Endorses an increase in Maryland renewable energy to 50% and ultimately to 100% carbon-free energy
  • Deny permission to build pipelines in Maryland which could jeopardize the water supply

Economy and Jobs

  • Raising minimum wage to $15 in Maryland
  • Earned sick leave for employees
  • Respecting labor and workers’ rights


  • Ensure good health care
  • Prevent elder abuse
  • Encouraging retirement savings and protecting retirement income
  • Funding facilities and supportive housing for the elderly
  • Supporting elderly living at home
  • Elderly above the age 62 who receive federal food stamps will receive at least $30 per month for food.


  • Ensure that our hard-working immigrants can thrive in our state.
  • Maintain a strong relationship and trust between our police and our communities
  • Establish a program to assist naturalization-eligible Maryland residents finance
  • Ensure affordable high-quality health care for all Maryland residents


  • Fight sexual harassment and assault
  • Establish a state commission on sexual harassment to prevent harassment
  • Achieving the freedom to marry for gay and lesbian couples in Maryland
  • Stand up against racism, bigotry. Harassment and discrimination

Affordable Housing

  • Enforce laws the prohibit discrimination in housing
  • Implement a “housing first” program to solve the growing problem of homelessness in our communities
  • Implement a long-term plan to increase affordable housing
  • Supporting housing and specialized housing to end both veterans’ homelessness and chronic homelessness


  • Continue to support veterans and provide for employment and educational opportunities
  • Support programs to help provide startup funds and low-interest loans for veterans’ businesses
  • Support programs to assist veteran-owned businesses become certified for federal and state contracts
  • Support programs to provide mental health and other health care and support services for veterans.

Gun Violence

  • Keep dangerous firearms off our streets
  • Enact the bill banning the sales of bump stocks and other accessory devices, such as automatic weapons
  • Support measures to better trace in gun crimes to determine how and where guns are diverted to the underground market


  • Build and maintain a strong statewide transportation system
  • Advocates for action to ease severe traffic on the American Legion Bridge on I-495, I-270, and parts of Prince George’s County
  • Supports the Red Line light rail project in Baltimore which was abruptly canceled by the current Governor
  • Dedicated to improving metro safety and ensuring safety
  • Long-term sustainable funding and the creation of regional transportation authorities

Animal Welfare

  • Push for a law to require that animal research labs provide for the adoption of dogs and cats after experiments have concluded
  • Prevent animal cruelty and require better living and transportation conditions for farm animals