Report: 3 deputies shot in Sacramento region

Posted at 5:39 PM, Oct 24, 2014

Multiple outlets are reporting law enforcement officials are searching for a man accused of shooting three deputies and a civilian in separate incidents in Sacramento and Placer counties

The first incident started when an officer responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle with a man and a woman inside. The deputy was shot and the suspects fled, according to CBS Sacramento

The deputy's condition has not been released.   

After the shooting, the man and woman fled in the car and later carjacked two other vehicles, according to the Sacramento Bee, and the man shot a driver in one who would not give up his keys. The victim's status has not been released. 

Two other deputies were later shot, according to several reports, but their conditions were not released. 

Authorities have taken a woman into custody who was with the alleged shooter for the initial shooting, according to the Sacramento Bee