Strong winds flip horse trailers, destroy shelters at Howard County horse rescue farm

Posted at 3:40 PM, Mar 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 17:20:25-05

One Woodbine horse rescue farm is picking up the pieces after strong winds damaged shelters, trees, and trailers throughout the property. 

As the rain cleared, people at the Days End Farm Horse Rescue got to work -- with help from volunteers. 

"...the big trees that have fallen down and the debris around the farm. So it's been a tremendous help," Brittney Carow, the equine director at the farm, said. 

Twisted trees, scratched sidings, and crumbled horse shelters -- all fallout from Wednesday's storm and high winds. 

Carow says it all happened in a matter of minutes. 

"We had  another trailer and then a lot of large, mature trees that fell on fences. So we've got quite a bit of fencing that needs to be repaired and a lot of trees that need to be cut up and removed," she said. 

Britney looks after the 60 or so horse on the farm. After the storm hit, she and other staff members at the non-profit were shocked by the damage.

"We had two horses in the field that the run in shed and the trailer blew into, so we were very worried about them, but we went up there and their little heads popped up from over the hill so we knew that they were ok," she said. 

In all, two trailers - including a 30-foot, eight horse trailer that was flipped, a destroyed shed, mangled trees, and acres of divots in the grass. 

The volunteers are filling in every hole, mending every fence, an clearing every branch. 

"The repairs are going to be pretty costly too. So we're also asking, not just for man power and donation of time and equipment, but also donations financially to help balance out the costs that's it's going to take to make all of these repairs," Carow said. 
No one was injured, neither were any of the animals on the farm. 
If you'd like to volunteer or donate money to go