Progress made on Ellicott City repairs

Posted at 6:21 PM, Jun 14, 2018

Two weeks after the devastating flooding in Ellicott City, progress is being made on the repairs but businesses still need support. 

"A lot of people, after 2 weeks, it kind of dissipates; people forget," business owner Angelina Brannigan said. "I encourage everyone it's not over. We have a very long road ahead."

Brannigan owns A Divaz Boutique, which got a lot of water damage during the Memorial Weekend flood. She joined other business owners at a Main Street pop-up fundraiser at Turf Valley Resort Wednesday.

"This is all I have left. I want to just see if I can get rid of it," Brannigan said. 

All the rest of his merchandise, gone. 

"Just to watch it literally float away is heart-wrenching," Brannigan said. 

She was trapped in her store through the whole flood and had to make the tough decision to break the front window and release the rising water. 

"I had about 5-6 feet in the store," Brannigan said. "Unfortunately, everything else, clothing, I had a pretty packed store, I watched it all dwindle away."

Now she hopes the community support will flow in, just like in 2016. 

"Whether it's coming down and getting dirty or just coming to all the fundraiser and supporting. Every little penny helps," Brannigan said. 

As fundraisers continue, so to the repairs on Main Street. 

"We are way ahead of schedule from 2 years ago," County Executive Allan Kittleman said. 

While Ellicott Mills Drive will have to be closed for a few months, the county has repaired curbs, storm drains and restaurants are getting inspections from the health department. 

"Some are very close to opening and we are looking at reducing our perimeter to maybe be able to open some areas of Main Street in the near future," Kittleman said. 

He said that could happen within the next week or so. 

More good news: parking lot D off Old Columbia Pike is reopening this weekend, and with it, a few businesses like Manor Hill Tavern. 

"This is important and I think it’s a good thing to show people that we are moving forward," Kittleman said. 

A similar pop-up fundraiser is happening on June 23. 

Clean-up photos and drone video courtesy of the Howard County Government.