Petition to fire Howard Co. superintendent Renee Foose

Posted at 9:25 AM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-07 09:26:32-05

A petition calling for Howard County School System Superintendent Renee Foose to be fired has more than 800 signatures as of Tuesday morning.

It follows a rift with the Howard County Board of Education during a meeting last Thursday when she ordered staff out of a public meeting.

"Howard County Public School System Superintendent Renee Foose has committed acts of insubordination and willful neglect of duty that are now negatively impacting the education of Howard County students," reads the petition. "She has engaged in activities designed to undermine the authority of her employer and only school system oversight body, the Howard County Board of Education. Additionally, she has created a situation that is untenable for students, staff, and the community."

According to the petition creator, the six instances of willful neglect by Foose:

  • In failing to allow access to school offices and working space to staff lawfully hired by the Howard County Board of Education
  • In ordering staff out of a public meeting on Feb. 2 contrary to the direction of the Howard County Board of Education in open meeting
  • In violating the Maryland Public Information Act, as was reported by a State of Maryland investigation
  • In failing to refund legal sanctions to a parent of a special education student, as was ordered by the Board of Education in open meeting
  • In failing to provide information on the budget at the request of the board 
  • In deliberately providing misinformation about mold and health issues in several schools

The State Superintendent Karen Salmon is the only person who can lawfully terminate Foose from her position.

This is the second petition calling for Foose's termination, but despite more than 1,000 signatures, her contract was renewed last year.

Last month, Foose filed a lawsuit against Howard County's Board of Education, claiming the board prevents her from fulfilling her job responsibilities.

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The full petition can be viewed and/or signed here.

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