Maryland business vandalized with Trump 2016 graffiti

Posted at 12:58 PM, Nov 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-11 06:48:39-05

A business in Howard County was vandalized this week with Trump 2016 graffiti.

Someone spray-painted Trump 2016 in red on the sign and building of Carroll Farm-to-Table, which sells free range meat and poultry.

The damage is unmistakable at the business along Frederick Road in Ellicott City.
It's the work of vandals on land passed down through almost three centuries from one of the nation's Founding Fathers, although it's doubtful the criminals are even aware of its historical significance.
"I wouldn't give them that much credit.  I wouldn't think so,” said Stephen Blaes, who lives on the historic grounds. “This land was owned by Charles Carroll of Carrollton---one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.  It's still in the Carroll family, which is very unusual."
Whether it was the work of people angered by the outcome of the election or overzealous celebrants proclaiming the new president-elect, it's not clear.
But Howard County police have received 50 reports of damaged or stolen political signs in the last few months leading up to the election, including this one on Route 40.
"This has been done four or five times,” said Doug Midkiff, a nearby business owner with a damaged Trump sign on his parking lot, “There's another sign completely missing, and there's no good reason for it."
Fortunately, the Election Night vandals stopped short of targeting Carroll's historic home, Doughoregan Manor, limiting their damage to the highly visible corner of the patriot's property closest to a public road, and some charitable businesses have stepped forward to help make the family feel whole again.
"This morning I met with a representative of McCormick Paints on Route 40, and they said they wanted to do whatever they could do to help so they're going to donate paints,” Blaes said. “We can repaint the building and I got an email out of the blue earlier today from the sign manufacturer that made our sign that said, 'Steve, I saw on the news what happened to you.  We all need to pull together as a country so we're making new signs for you at no extra charge', which is just the nicest thing.  There's a silver lining to this.  There are good people in the world."
If you have any information that could help police track down those responsible for the vandalism, you're asked to call them at 410-313-3200.


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