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Maple Lawn Turkey Farm sells thousands of natural, free range turkeys for the holidays

Posted at 6:49 PM, Nov 21, 2017

Maple Lawn Turkey Farm has been selling turkeys since 1839. Every year they grow about 20,000 turkeys, but more importantly, all of them are sold only in Maryland.

Owner Chris Bohrer says they get all of the turkeys as babies or poults and they grow free range, all natural ranging from 10 to 40 Ibs. 

"So we get them all throughout the summer, from June through August at different stages throughout the summer. That gets them to be different sizes now, that's how we can get turkeys from 10 pounds to 40 pounds. The 40 pounders were in June, the 10 pounders were at the end of August, beginning of September," said Bohrer.

Earlier Tuesday morning, just a few days away from Thanksgiving, there were 1,000 live turkeys, now they are down to 4.

"It's very gratifying to see the people come out and wait in line for a product you've spent all summer taking care of. Then the last two or three weeks we work 12 hour days getting them harvested so the consumers will have them at the right time of year at Thanksgiving." Bohrer explains.

James Traxel brought his family up from Annapolis. They say they plan on buying a 40 lb turkey to feed 40 people. This is their seventh year buying turkeys here.

"The turkey is delicious and the kids and I make a day of it. The kids just got done with lunch and it's good family time," said Traxel.

 "That's part of the charm coming to the farm, you get to see the animals that are here on the farm that are grown for the rest of the world to eat. That's what farmers do, they feed the world," said Bohrer.