Keep Ellicott City Working Facebook page is connecting displaced workers with new jobs

Posted at 4:49 PM, Aug 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-04 09:36:11-04

As the cleanup continues in Ellicott City, the community is stepping up to help out.  But a lot of uncertainty remains for the people who live and work there. 

Alex Belush wanted to take some of the stress away from folks who are now out of work.

"There are people that need to be getting back to work and making money so they can pay their bills, their rent, their car insurance, and everything they have in their daily lives," he said.

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So Belush started the Facebook group Keep Ellicott City Working.  It’s a one-stop shop where workers can join, and see postings about employment opportunities.  There are already nearly 900 members, every single one a possible connection or lead to a new job.

"Employers are posting the positions that they have available, what hours they have and then we're encouraging people from Ellicott City to respond to them and connect directly," Belush said.           

In the few days since the Facebook group has been active, dozens of jobs from across the area have been posted, including some at Alexander's Tavern in Fells Point.

Like so many other businesses, the owners of the eatery didn't hesitate.  They posted openings looking to fill them with displaced Ellicott City workers.

"We have plenty of kitchen positions available, line cooks, sous chefs, dishwasher, cleaning,”  owner Carrie Podles said.  “Then front of the house we have server positions we can fill pretty easily and hostessing."

C-Squared Restaurant Group owns Alexander’s Tavern, along with Papi’s Tacos in Fells Point and Huck's American Craft in Brewer's Hill. They're set to open a fourth restaurant in Hampden next month.   

Podles says people are already reaching out from the Facebook page.

"We have someone coming into Huck's on Thursday, hopefully for a server position, I’m hoping that works out,” she said.  "The jobs for as long as they need them, for until they can go back to their job in Ellicott City."

ABC2 News has learned at least 10 people have already landed work from the Keep Ellicott City Working Facebook group.

Alexander's Tavern is hosting an Ellicott City fundraiser Friday night.  There will be a raffle, prizes, guest bartenders from Portalli's in Ellicott City.  Twenty percent of their sales from the night will be donated to

Displaced Ellicott City bartenders will also be working First Fridays in Fells on the Broadway Pier.

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