Howard County officer rescues lamb stranded in creek

Posted at 1:29 PM, Jun 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-13 18:33:13-04

This may be the cutest rescue you will see all week! 

A lamb became fast friends with Howard County Police Officer after he rescued her from a creek. 

Sunday, police say someone reported an animal stuck in a creek along a Long Reach neighborhood path in Columbia. 

"We found a baby lamb that was wedged between a rock under a bridge," Officer Michael Scanlon said. 

He helped save the 4-month-old lamb, later to be named Mary. He lived on a farm growing up so he knew what to do.

"We didn't have a leash or anything to really hold onto it so I started petting it and it got comfortable with me so I sat down. 

That's when a heartwarming video was captured and later posted on Howard County Police social media, gaining lots of attention. Scanlon and the lamb became fast friends. They cuddled and the officer even tried to talk to his new furry friend. 

"I started making animal noises and it started responding so it was kind of cute," Scanlon said. 

"It was a pretty little thing," a neighbor said. "My kids were like, 'Can we keep it?' and I said absolutely not."

They have no idea how Mary ended up in a the neighborhood. Everyone is just glad she is safe and healthy. 

"An animal needed out help. We got the call and we did what we needed to do," Scanlon said. 

Mary has been staying with Howard County Animal Control as the search for her owner continues. She has a #26 tag on her ear. 

If she is not claimed by Thursday, she will be taken to an animal sanctuary.