Fundraiser held to help Ellicott City flood recovery

Posted at 10:58 PM, Sep 09, 2016

From business owners to residents, the in total flooding may have brought Ellicott City to its knees, but people are still fighting to recover.

"When this first happened, I felt compelled to do something," said Pete Burch who lives on Main St. in Ellicott City and works as a graphic designer.

Friday, he said he brought 65 shirts he designed for people to buy at a fundraiser being held next to "The Wine Bin," a liquor store, and was sold out by evening.

"The shirts have been on sale for about a month. We had them online and I had some printed for this event. We sold out in the first half hour," Burch said

Additionally, a beer called "Watershed Moment," jointly brewed by the Flying Dog and the Jailbreak Brewing Company was being sold to benefit flood recovery efforts.

It also had sold out by evening.

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