Ellicott City residents brace for Hurricane Hermine

Posted at 5:44 PM, Sep 01, 2016

The last thing Ellicott City residents want to see is rain after the historic flood over a month ago. 

Many people are still working just to make their homes livable.

So much has happened in the five weeks since the flood. Stores continue to reopen, like Envy Hair Salon which opened Thursday.

"It feels amazing to be in our business again, this is our home," Owner Leeza Rainey said.

For the first time since the flood, a movie night at The Wine Bin is planned for Saturday, creating a sense of normalcy and a chance for people to get a break from the tiring repairs.

But Hurricane Hermine may wreak havoc on those plans.

"When it starts raining for a long period of time you start to get anxiety about it," neighbor Jason Hammond said.

The fear of facing the same destruction grips the community. Some feel hopeless, like they can't do anything to prevent flooding in the future.

"We just make sure things are up high, just in case," Hammond said as he moved electronics out of the basement and tried to keep things a few feet off the ground.

On the street in the west end, sand bags sit out from the last storm, waiting for more rain. Construction crews are working fast on Main Street ahead of the storm.

"Public works crews set up temporary curb and gutter just to make sure the water would go away from some of the buildings that are still exposed. The storm drains I've been told have been cleaned out, they should be fine for a rain storm that you know one or two inches, not the six inches in two hours," Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman said.

Retaining walls are being repaired, residents are watching the weather forecast to stay up to date and many are just hoping for the best.

"We've already been by a flood so you know exactly what could happen, right now, it cannot be worse than that?" Eric Morissette said. Morissette has visited Ellicott City many times over the past 25 yeas his uncle has lived there.

In Morissette's uncle's backyard, a stream flows and a run down retaining wall sits on the opposite side. He, like many homeowners in the area, hasn't had time yet to rebuild.