Dozens team up to help shop owners in Ellicott City after flood damage


The cleanup effort will take months in historic Ellicott City after flood waters destroyed most of Main Street.


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One by one – in their gators – business owners with shops in Ellicott City are preparing for another cleanup.


“This is their livelihood, this their home, and they need places to live, and so they need help cleaning it up,” Susan O’Connor, part owner of the Wine Bin on Main Street, said.


Her store was impacted and damaged by Sunday’s flood.


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“A whole lot of people have come in and donated food and other cleaning supplies. There’s a ton of stuff still need: heavy work gloves, storage bins, good breathing masks – all kinds of things that’s up on their website,” O’Connor said.


She and dozens of others geared up at the nearby St. Peter’s Episcopal Church – and were on their way.


Supplies from food to plastic bags and work gloves handed out all day long.


“I’m originally from California. So, I’m from the land of flash flooding and mudslides so unfortunately I’ve seen this sort of devastation before – we just, kind of, go into action because this is where God needs you,” Anjel Scarborough, the priest at the church, said.


She says the donations have poured in across the county.


It’s an effort Susan is thankful for – as she and others, work to bring old Ellicott City back.


“Anyone who lives here, they don’t take time to come up and eat. They often don’t have transportation. They’re very busy trying to clean out their houses so they can use them,” O’Connor said.

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