Confederate monument removed overnight in Ellicott City

Posted at 7:01 AM, Aug 22, 2017

Another confederate monument has come down in the Baltimore area. Howard County officials have removed a confederate memorial from courthouse grounds overnight.

The memorial used to sit outside of the Howard County circuit court building in Ellicott City. This now makes the sixth confederate monument removed in Maryland over the last couple weeks. 

The specific memorial listed 92 confederate soldiers and was taken down around 11:30 Monday night. According to Maryland Historical Trust record, the memorial was dedicated on September 23, 1948. 

According to the Howard County Executive Allan H. Kittleman's Facebook page, he ordered the removal of the memorial late Monday. Kittleman said it became clear in the recent weeks that monuments or memorials like this one, are hurtful to many people in the community and elsewhere. 

The memorial was ordered to be moved to a local museum, along with other artifacts from the Civil War. Kittleman continued saying,

"We cannot and should not erase the past. We must learn from it. A museum offers context for us and for future generations to better understand our shared history."

Kittleman also referenced Council Chair Weinstein, who said that he wants an area where everyone can be comfortable in. Weinstein also mentioned the recent events in Charlottesville renewed the urgency to remove the memorial. 

There is no word as to which museum the memorial will be taken to.