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Clock ticking to pick Howard County School 13 site

Posted at 11:31 PM, Feb 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-01 23:34:37-05

The clock is ticking for Howard County to pick the site for School 13.

On Thursday night district officials, councilman, and parents met to talk about where the school will go.

Interim Superintendent Michael Martirano said the window to make a decision is closing.

"We cannot waste any further time in this process," said Martirano.

Parents in Elkridge said the most severe overcrowding is in their neck of the woods and building at the Troy Hill sight would help.

Becki Vivrett said 65 years is too long eluding to the last time the area had a high school.

"We've actually been advocating for a school in Elkridge for over 20 years,” said Vivrett. “We see this as a great opportunity for our children to be able to relieve that overcrowding that is most pronounced in Howard High School and Long Reach High School, Centennial and Mt. Hebron high school. To get that relief we want the school to be where the kids live."

She said some parents driving 8 or 9 miles right now.

"If we're redistricted to the Mission Road sight that would increase because we would be driving on a busy state highway on route 1,” Vivrett said.  “Not only the time but the distance would increase for our students which makes it hard for them to get to school on time but also participate in after-school activities. "

Becky Mckirahan is pulling for Mission Road and she said two years ago they thought the school was going to be in their neighborhood, and now they aren’t so sure.

Parents pulling for mission road say two years ago they thought the school was going to be in their neighborhood, now they’re not so sure.

"Why, why not Jessup. The trees have been cleared so we drive out of our neighborhood and we look at these trees that are gone,” said Mckirahan.  “We look at 77 acres and the tests have been done, it's an amazing place."

Lori Hall said their site is ready now and the Troy Hill sight would take much longer.

"Howard County students they need relief now,” said Hall. “This is about all of our county. This is not a fight between Elkridge and Mission Road. This is about doing what's best for our county and our students need a high school now. They won't get it until 5 years from now at the earliest. We don't want it to be even longer.

Martirano said he wants a decision made in the next three weeks. Putting a deadline at the end of February.