More storms possible Thursday as Howard County cleans up after tornado

Posted at 11:36 PM, Jun 22, 2016

The clean up continues after an EF0 tornado rolled through Howard County Tuesday.

That area is bracing for the possibility of more rain Thursday, but for now, emergency officials and those who live in the area are happy it wasn't worse. 

"It's actually unbelievable, I had no idea a tornado could hit this area."  homeowner, Youngmin Girard told ABC2.

The tornado left a mess and lots of damage in its wake, especially for the Girards.

"We were very fortunate that the trees fell but did not fall on the house,"  said Girard.

But the wind caused much damage to her home.

"We have a small hole through the one bedroom and the siding and the air conditioning unit, everything is damaged.

Emergency management officials credit complete inter-agency coordination for a quick response, no injuries or deaths and clean up efforts.

"We are in constant communication with each other,"  said Maryland Emergency Management Coordinator, Russ Strickland.  "The citizens listened to and heeded the warnings that were given."

Now, it's all about recovery and restoration for those heavily affected by the tornado and severe weather.

"24 hours have been largely centered around just getting roads cleared, focusing on the public safety aspect and life safety,"  Ryan Miller, Director of Howard County Emergency Management said.

Many residents say they're grateful for what they call an organized and rapid response.

Officials are asking residents to be patient as crews clean up and try to restore power to those still in the dark.