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Board of Education looking at redistricting Howard County schools

Posted at 10:43 PM, Sep 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-04 23:18:06-04

HOWARD COUNTY, Md. — The future of where over 7,400 students will go to school could be changing in Howard County.

On Wednesday night Indivisible Howard County held an informational meeting about the school boards proposal for redistricting to alleviate overcrowding issues at many of the schools.

“Howard county really needs to do some redistricting to balance that,” said Laurie Chin with Indivisible Howard County. “Some of the things that have been proposed are looking at equity and fairness across schools. Looking at balancing some of the socioeconomic factors while we do the redistricting, which we would be doing anyway.”

Many parents at the meeting didn’t want to see their kids moved from the schools the love, and possibly have to change how they get to and from school.

Lew Olowski says a lot of parents picked Howard County because they researched which school they would go to.

“That board wants to disrupt these family’s visions that they bought into,” said Olowski. “It’s deeply damaging and deeply offensive from a perspective of what officials owe their constitutes and deeply offensive to what people rightfully expect when they move into and join a community.”

Lena Kennedy said her children attend the school with the highest number of kids getting free and reduced meals, a factor the school board is looking at.

“This is the first time in 30 years they have attempted to desegregate schools to this extent,” said Kennedy. “I think that should be supported. I think their should be tweaks and people are overreacting because there is no plan being voted on yet.”

Laurie Liskin and her family lived through a redistricting in Howard County in the 1990s.

“My daughter did splendidly in school, she did not suffer,” said Liskin. “She benefited from being in a more diverse environment. She got a scholarship to a very good school and she’s gone on to lead a very successful life.”

To learn more about the proposal click here.

Board of Education public hearings about redistricting start Tuesday September 17.

There will be 7 public work sessions starting October 10 and ending November 14.

The final board decision will be made November 21.