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Baby born in car outside the front door of the hospital

Posted at 12:34 PM, Dec 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-12 12:34:08-05

COLUMBIA, Md. — A baby in Howard County just couldn't wait to be born. Baby Baroch Kifle was born on December 10 in his mother's car at the front door of Howard County General. When mom, Genet Sebani, arrived at the hospital, the baby was well on his way.

“I ran into the hospital yelling that my wife was having a baby in the car. In a split second a whole army of people with all the right equipment were there,” said dad, Derejew Tessema.

A Code Alpha was called and every member of the team went into action. The obstetrician was there immediately to deliver the baby. By the time he was born, the Neonatal Intensive Care team had an infant warmer at the ready to whisk him up to the NICU. Shortly after, an Emergency Department team had mom on a stretcher heading to labor and delivery.

“It was like clockwork,” said Nancy Smith, interim chief nursing officer.

“I was in a meeting in another section of the hospital and saw it all happen from the window. The teamwork was amazing to watch. Everyone was there to do their part.”

Tessema is a dentist and knows the health care world of planning for emergencies. “We are very happy and grateful for the way everyone performed," he said. "This was teamwork!”

Baby Baroch joins four siblings at home in Laurel. Both he and mom are happy and healthy.