As the rain continues, community works to raise money for Ellicott City flood victims

Posted at 7:29 PM, Jun 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-04 10:31:03-04

One week after the catastrophic flooding in Ellicott City,  business owners and neighbors have slowly been able to go back to their buildings to gather what they can.


"It’s still hard to wrap my head around the whole thing right now," business owner Jeni Porter said. 


While the rain this weekend canceled access to Main Street, it couldn't stop several Ellicott City fundraisers, like a special benefit concert held by the Columbia Rock School.



"We had originally planned it as a different show, but once everything happened, since we perform in Ellicott City so often, it just felt like it was great idea to get to support the people who help us perform all the time," student Becca Kane said. 


She along with about 70 other students ages 6 to 65 took the stage. It was organized by the school's owner Timothy France-Kelly. 


"I got shirts and cleaning supplies and shovels and the monetary stuff and there’s actually a donor that is going to match everything we raise," France- Kelly said. 


He grew up in Ellicott City and worked to make this benefit concert happen, not only to show his support and but to be a lesson for his students. 


"Not only with the school am I trying to teach them how to play music well, but I’m trying to teach them how to be good people for the community," France-Kelly said. 


Jeni Porter was part of the crowd Sunday. 


"It was amazing, to be able to pull something together this quickly. It’s been 7 days," Porter said.


7 days since flooding destroyed dozens of homes and businesses, like her cafe's courtyard. Like many business owners, Porter plans to go back to her building Monday, after wet weather kept everyone off on Main Street for a lot of the weekend. 


"It’s really been hard, especially when you put together these groups of people that are ready to go and then they can’t. They are so motivated to help and we hope the volunteers will hang on and wait for a nice day to come and help us get started," Porter said. 


Events like this benefit concert give her hope that just like in 2016, the community will come together.


"I’m hoping that our community stays tough. I mean we really want to all support each other and help whoever we can and get us back to the gem that we were," Porter said.


Main street will be back open Monday evening for people with credentials to access their buildings.