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A soldier's 70-year-old uniform comes back home to Baltimore

Posted at 11:19 PM, Nov 14, 2018

One day while researching the life of her grandfather, Heather Shreve receives an e-mail.  

It is from a stranger.  

He writes that he found her grandfather's army uniform at a thrift store in Spokane, Washington.  

She laughs.

Then it got real.  

The author of the e-mail was a military historian and former naval officer.  

So he took Col Arthur Lee Shreve’s 70-year-old Korean uniform and shipped it east.  

He ironed it.  

He made sure it had buttons, patches, bars, and a shirt just like 1947.  

Heather now has a piece of the man she is spending her life researching.

He grew up on Lanvale Street. Went to Poly then to Gilman Country School. At 16, he snuck into the Army.  He became a pilot.  Served in two World Wars and was a prisoner of war in the Philippines. Amazingly he made it home.  

In 1969, he passed away on his family farm in Ellicott City.  Heather has already penned two books.  Has a movie and TV show in the works.  

And now, she has a uniform to complete her museum.