Ellicott City residents affected by floodng given $50,000 for new cars

Posted at 5:57 PM, Nov 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-16 17:57:22-05

It's still hard to wrap your head around the immense power of the water that stormed through Ellicott City on July 30.

Countless people watched their vehicles float away after more than 6 inches of rain fell in about two hours.

"Went out to look at the front of the street and saw my car pick-up and just pull it down the street completely and disappear into the water," Jason Barnes said.

The more than 200 cars and trucks were slowly gathered, and towed to a lot.  Most of them, severely damaged by the water.

"It was totaled,” Jason Crebs said.  “I was able to salvage some things out of it, but it was un-drivable."

Crebs sold his Ford Focus for scrap metal.

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Wednesday, he was one of dozens of people awarded money to help buy a new car.

"Overall I think we had 43 people that got checks to help replace their automobile that was lost in the floods," said a man from Heritage Toyota Catonsville.

The auto seller teamed up with the Ellicott City Partnership to hand out $50,000 in grants.  All of the money is going back into the pockets of folks who live, work or own property in the historic district of the city.

"Right now I literally feel all warm and fuzzy inside,” Crebs said.  “It's gonna be a huge help."

The 43 people had to apply for the grant.  For many of them, the funds help piece things back together a little bit more.  Most of them, incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support since the flood.

"While we've seen the worst of nature, I think it's certainly brought out the best in humanity," Richard Taylor said.

"It's great that a company like this is really stepping up and really helping everyone get back on their feet,” Barnes said.  “I'm just overwhelmed with emotion."

The flash flooding on July 30 destroyed 90 businesses and displaced 190 people.  So far, the Ellicott City Partnership has collected $1.5 million dollars to help everyone rebuild and get back on their feet.

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