Yorkie saves teen after fire breaks out in Edgewood home

Posted at 11:31 PM, Mar 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-31 07:07:38-04

I guess you could say dogs really are man's best friend.  A six-pound Yorkshire Terrier is said to have saved his 17-year-old owner from a potential tragedy after a fire broke out in their Edgewood home Wednesday.

"I would say what happened yesterday was a miracle," said Damontre McLeod.

It started out as a normal afternoon McLeod. He came back to his home on Harbinger Trail Road after school. 

"I went in my house and I warmed up a snack like a usually do and then I went up to my room and got undressed and then I went down to my living room and I went to sleep, said McLeod.

"He started scratching and howling on the door so I just thought he's just being annoying and just being a pest," McLeod told ABC2.

But King saw something, Damontre couldn't and acted quickly.

"I opened up the door and then I get hit with all this smoke in my face. It was like a barrage of smoke. I looked in the kitchen and there was a big barrage of fire and flame,"

Scared but happy to have King with him and safe, McLeod got out quickly. Turns out faulty wiring in the microwave caused the fire. 

"That dog is a hero to him, that fire could've been going on and raging before he even knew it," said Sr. Deputy State Fire Marshall Oliver Alkire.

The fire brought with it $35,000 dollars in damage. Crews got the fire out in 10 minutes but it serves as an important reminder.

"You just never know who's going to alert you to a fire but we encourage everyone to always operate, have working smoke alarms inside their house," said Alkire.

"If he hadn't had been there i don't know if I would've made it, he saved my life. I'm just glad that my puppy was there I guess dogs just have instincts that just kick in at certain times. I just thank god that my dog was there," McLeod said.