Parents, students fight to keep swimming in Harford County Schools

Posted at 6:10 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-14 17:09:25-04

Harford County parents and students are trying to save local swimming and diving programs.

The school board is expected to talk about the budget at a meeting Monday and the money for swimming and diving programs could be cut. 

There was a big turnout at the meeting, where several Harford County teachers, parents and students voiced their concerns. 

"It was kind of shoved upon the community at the very last minute, which a lot of us don't think is very fair," Ray Hruz, a parent and former coach said. 

Some parents are upset that the program would be taken away from kids who have already started showing an interested in swimming.

"There are children who started in here at age 5 with that as their end goal in mind," said Carolyn McNeirney, a mother of three swimmers. "To take that away from them when they're about halfway through or some of them are in the process now or maybe only have a year or two of school left, and to just cut it with no warning and no opportunity to make a compromise is just not what Harford County is about."

Even some council members were agreeing with the comments that protesters made. Council Member Jansen Robinson liked an idea someone suggested - that the community raise funds to keep the swimming program going.

"My fear is that if we close these pools, they will never open again," Jansen said. He went on to say that the council needs to consider working with the community so that the pools can stay open.

Parents and students have already started a petition to keep the sport in the county. Click here to add your signature.

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